Checklist for Application and Approval Process

Secure a DBI Facade Design Grant application from the Downtown Bedford, Inc. Office, located at 124 South Juliana Street, Bedford, from any member of the Design Committee, or download an application at

Complete the DBI Facade Design Grant Application including:


  • $75.00 check for admin. fee (waived if a DBI member or membership application has been completed and returned to DBI)
  • Applicant identification
  • Property owner identification, if different from applicant
  • Property location (must be within designated shaded area on downtown map)
  • Written project description and design plan drawing and schematics for each eligible project.
  • Contractor/material cost estimates for each eligible project.
  • Matching funding verification (ex. Letter from your bank)
  • Signature of the applicant and property owner (if different from applicant).
  • Schedule for completion of the project. (The façade project must be completed 18 months from DBI’s written approval, or the grant monies will be forfeited back to DBI.


Get approval from the Bedford Historic Architectural Review Board (paperwork included in this packet.)


The Main Street Manager will review the application for completeness within ten working days.

The application will then be submitted to the DBI Design Committee for review at their next scheduled meeting.


Necessary permits must be secured before commencement of work.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Only approved work will be eligible for the Downtown Bedford, Inc. Façade Improvement Program. Project work may not commence until the applicant/property owner receives a written notice to proceed from the Main Street Manager. Also, in the case of the grantee of a façade project selling the property during or before completion of the grant project the fore-mentioned grant money will be forfeited back to DBI and the new building owner must re-apply.


Reimbursements to the project applicant requires:


  • Adherence to the design plan and/or project as submitted and reviewed and approved by the Downtown Bedford, Inc. Design Committee.
  • Pre-approval by the Design Committee of any changes of work-in-progress.
  • Completion of final inspections.
  • Copy of invoice from contractor.
  • Proof of payment to the contractor in the form of copies of front and back of cancelled check or bank statement showing cancelled checks.


Once the grant project is completed, the applicant will:


  • Send a letter of project satisfaction to the Main Street Manager.
  • Submit proof of payment to the Main Street Manager.



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