Why is your storefront appearance important?

In business, first impressions mean everything! It is the storefronts that sell the business – and the business district – to customers. An attractive appearance, combined with quality products, competitive prices and good service, creates a compelling image that will increase commerce, profits, and community pride.


Who’s eligible for storefront improvement grants?

All business and commercial property owners in Bedford’s Main Street District are eligible to apply for the DBI Facade Improvement Program. Priority will be given to Downtown Bedford, Incorporated members. Non-members may call the DBI office to obtain a membership packet.


What types of projects qualify?

The following projects are eligible for assistance under the Facade Improvement Grant:

  • Design Assistance
  • Sign Programs
  • Awnings and Canopies
  • Storefront facades
  • Exterior paint programs


What types of projects are NOT eligible for funding?

Work financed under these programs will exclude:

  • Maintenance projects
  • Interior renovations and improvements
  • Building permit and other miscellaneous fees
  • Sidewalks and paving
  • Landscaping
  • Demolition or acquisition of property


How much grant money is available?

The amount of grant money available will be determined annually by the Downtown Bedford, Inc. Board of Directors. The determination will be based on the need for projects to stimulate private investment in historically appropriate facade and other improvements in the Main Street target area, as well as the success of the fundraising efforts. Total reimbursement, per applicant, will not exceed 50% of the total project cost.


What is the application process for the program?

  1. Secure a DBI Facade Improvement Program Application and Grant Guidelines from the Downtown Bedford, Inc. Office, the Bedford Borough Office, or online at http://www.dbimembers.com
  2. Submit a completed DBI Façade Improvement Program Application including:
  • Applicant identification and property owner identification
  • Property location
  • Written project description
  • Two cost estimates for the project
  • Schedule for completion of the project


  1. The Main Street Manager will review the application for completeness.
  2. Obtain approval for the project from the Bedford Historic Architectural Review Board.
  3. The DBI Design Committee will review the application at their next scheduled meeting and forward a letter of approval to those individuals whose projects are chosen to receive funding through the DBI Façade Improvement Program.


How Do I Get Reimbursed?

Adhering to the design plan on which the funding agreement was based, having pre-approval by the Design Committee of any changes of the work in progress, completing the project in a timely fashion and submitting invoices to the Main Street Manager for payment of pre-approved grant amount will all aid in the reimbursement process.


Upon completion of the final inspection, the applicant will be reimbursed for 50% of the total project cost, not to exceed $3,000. Every effort will be made to reimburse the applicant in a timely manner.

Main Street Community

DBI is a proud member of PA Downtown Center.
DBI is proud to be an accredited 2012 National Mainstreet Program